The Volk App Project – The Working Class Labor Transaction

One of the reasons the working class have been stripped of the value of their labor is the endless need to pay middle men.

Automation of labor has changed dramatically the factories of old, replacing the many human hands with mechanical ones on assembly lines. This has increased the rate and quality and standards of production in the last 100 year by at least 100 fold.

However, the draw back is the necessity of production consolidation into fewer and fewer hands and it has done nothing to out pace the devaluation of money via interest on national debts.

The problem is two fold: in one case we are dealing with inflation. In the other it is the phenomena known as the 80/20 Rule, or the Matthew Principal, or the Pareto Distribution, “to those that have, more will be given”.

Those with genius and enterprise and wealth and power generally continue to accumulate more. This seems to be an inevitable trend, one to which many reject or object or envy.

The answer is not to try and subdue such forces. It is as natural as water flowing down.

The answer is to redirect it and channel such natural forces, like the use of fire. A useful fire is one that does not rage out of control, that is confined within limits to heat and cook, though occasionally a forest-fire does purge the decay of forests that have grown too old or too wild.

The question is not how do we prevent wildfires or quench heat all together, rather, how can they be channeled and prepared for?

In our case, the Volk App Project recognizes the instability of the Blue Collar Sector in general and the Automotive Industry in particular, that they are poised for a reshuffling, for a restructuring, for a renewing .

This has already partly happened and the way has been paved by such Technology Giant’s as #Uber #Lyft and #Halo.

The world is moving on and we recognize the trends towards the need to rebuild the confidence of American Workers and in so doing rebuild the American Family.

The beginnings are in Mobile Vehicle Restoration.

#mvr #bluecollartech #techology #bluecollar #workers #family #categorycreation #mobilevehiclerestoration #tech #bct

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