The Volk App Project – Èconomie as Action

The purpose of any great industrial innovation is not to disrupt previous ones.

The purpose is to build and advance in order.

Disruption as a goal is misguided, easy and chaotic.

A true advancement in économie is of the mind, body and soul of a society, wherein a cultural transformation becomes manifested in ordered categories of industry.

Or else not.

Or else it degenerates.

Or else it runs rampant, like a cancer.

Mobile Vehicle Restoration is the beginning, the broader meta category is Blue Collar Technology, but that too is a beginning.

To reorient the relationship of the worker to his labor is to restore a natural order that has long been awry, the symptoms of which are present in not only the vast and suffocating debt that chokes the world, but also in that the purchasing power of real wages continues to stagnate.

So too do the birth rates of the people’s of the Occident decline.

This too is a symptom.

Here at the Volk App Project, by building up the workers, restoring to them the vast majority of the value of their labor, we too will strengthen the family.

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