The Volk App Project – Labor and Technology

Our world has changed dramatically in the last generation

The advent of modern computing, internet, mobile devices, tablets, etc. has ushered in a time of unparalleled communication and connection.

And castrophany.

The world has moved on, as a lonely gunslinger once said, and has left behind those that cannot keep pace with it’s blazing speed.

The baby boomer generation is passing away, very few of them are able to continue to adapt to the manic cycle of technology, their entire world has changed and slipped away from within their grasp.

Those of the next generations, X, Millennial and Z are moving forward into a completely new world at a faster pace than ever before.

Those especially left behind are the working class, the blue collar that are competing more and more with cheap labor from all over the world.

It presents a dilemma, one that if not faced will leave millions of American’s destitute.

Our politicians have done little to address this issue, in many cases accelerating the process of destabilization and replacement for easy votes and dark money.

We at the Volk Project do not see this as something to despair over, such is the current state of affairs and has been so for over a hundred years in the West.

We see this as an opportunity to lift up the workers and give them back the value of their labor, through the new industry of Blue Collar Technology, beginning with Mobile Vehicle Restoration and a new class of automotive technicians: MVR Tech’s.

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