The Volk App Project – Unto a New Dawn

Our story begins with a vision of rebuilding American confidence.

We all can sense that America is missing something, that there is a deep void in the space where a spiritual heart should be.

Yes, we have our loved ones, yes we have our Churches, yes we our individual values, but it feels strongly that there is no sense of a communal love, a unity of Churches or shared values.

Between the deep breaks amongst the various people’s that have American citizenship and the slow erosion of the value of labor and a sense of apathy and malaise about the future, the next generation, in general, has no substantive Traditions to carry forward.

What if we could change that?

What if a new category of industry (Blue Collar Technology) could be used to rebuild the worker and there by rebuild the family and give an inheritance to the next generation?

We at the Volk App Project have a special concern for the labor, and specifically men, for the vast majority of hard labor jobs are occupied by men.

Our mission is to make American cars look great, our vision to build American confidence, especially that of the hard working men of America.

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