Volk App Project – Blue Collar Technology as an Economic Foundation

I was taught by my father at an early age how to build computers and shoot.

Most futurists never learn how to build a fire, cut wood or hunt.

Most reactionaries never learn SQL, how to index image boards or Tor browse.

The age we live in is a strange one. Never has there been greater abundance, or greater debt and usery.

Never has technology been so advanced, or human slavery more prevalent.

Never has there been more spiritual and religious knowledge, or more consumerism.

Never has information been more abundant, or news more fake.

Never has there been more human rights, or more babies killed in their mothers wombs.

It is a strange time to be alive. Stranger still is how the worker is related to his labor.

The Volk App Project is formed under the assumption that the center cannot hold under these conditions, that the larger macroscopic problems that our world faces are related as much to spiritual degeneration as well as a material and that to move forward, we must look back.

#mvr #volkapp #getvolk #workers #labor #family #people #rights #religion #spirit

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