Volk – Blue Collar Technology

The “Volk App Project” is the first application of its kind to propose Technology by the workers, for the workers.

Blue Collar Technology is the emerging category of industry, defined first by Volk Star Inc., that transforms the way the working class relate to their own employment, allowing for the first time in centuries, for workers to viably own their own labor.

In the Information Age, the average blue-collar worker has not benefited from the massive improvements in mass communication and organizational efficiencies that have been made possible by modern computing and network effects.

Year over year, in real wages, blue-collar workers income has continued to stagnate.

Our vision of Volk Star Inc. is to build American workers confidence again.

Our mission is to begin with Mobile Vehicle Restoration (#MVR), making American cars look great.

#volkapp #getvolk #bluecollar

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